• IRCMS 6.3.0 Build 56
    Release Notes The following was corrected in this build:1.) FMECA report printing in portrait mode.
    2.) Importing strips the file attachment name in the failure mode.
    3.) Pasting a number with commas into numerous numeric fields in a failure mode causes application to ask for a save when the save button was already pressed.
    4.) Installation was not installing the file VB5DB.DLL which is required for the units grid on the setup screen. This issue will only be present on certain machines that are relatively new and do not contain this file already.
    5.) Made changes to the way the application handles linked files. The application was not allowing the user to delete the entry in the database if the file was not present in the drive folder. The user can now delete the linked file entry with or without the presence of the file in the folder.